Creepy Bullhorn guy

Ok I have to rant a little bit because i find this very disturbing and I feel that it is doing more harm than good. I saw two very disturbing things this week. The first was on saturday as I was driving down the busiest street here in Billings. I saw this guy on the side of the road with a bullhorn, standing on top of a step ladder, yelling at cars passing by, and carrying a sign that read “Jesus Saves”. I am sorry but to me that says “Jesus is a crazy person that condemns people.” That sign was completely counter intuitive to what he was doing! I am sorry but if I were in the business of “saving” people I wouldn’t use crazy step ladder bullhorn guy. I am in the business of Church and honestly even then this doesn’t tell people to go to church i think this tells people to stay away because we are all a bunch of crazies.

This brings me to my second disturbing thing. I live pretty close to a middle school and have to drive by it to go home or go to the church. As i was driving home this afternoon to grab the dvd that I forgot to bring with me earlier I noticed that School was just getting out. Now this is not a disturbing thing, but when you have older men standing out side the school with boxes full of little orange new testaments ready to give out to the students it is. I mean I work so hard to get students to come to youth group. I work very hard to dispel this image of Christianity that evangelicals have given to us as being creepy. As I noticed that I wanted to get out of my car walk over to these men and proceed to tell them that they should immediately stop and go be creepy somewhere else. This doesn’t say come to church, or read this book. This tells students… “Hey Christians are crazy creepy people. You should come to our church and we will serve you poisoned kool-aid and be even more creepy in other ways.” I can’t stand it! I drove back just a few minutes later after grabbing the things from home i noticed several students walking down my street with those orange “Bibles” in their hands some were laughing at it and hitting each other with them. some just looked like they were trying to get far enough away to toss them. Others looked like they were trying very hard to avoid these guys. I feel so sick about it. I don’t know why i do. I feel like maybe this is what people are trying to avoid, trying hard not to turn into when they consider going to church. I feel like maybe this is doing much more harm than good.

Where do we go from here though? How to we tell people about God’s love? I think we do this by getting to know people first. I think we need to return to the way they did it in the early church. We need to invite people over and show them we aren’t creepy. Show people that we are normal people trying to live together in community striving toward the same goal. Showing people that God his helping to form a new and glorious world and that doesn’t happen through yelling at cars, or handing out Bibles in front of Middle schools. I think we need to get up off our butts and stop sitting around in our complacent christianity (small c because that isn’t real Christianity). We need to stop bickering and fighting! We need to come together and form the Kingdom in our own churches before we try to tell other people to join that kingdom. Stop it creepy people!!!!! Seriously! We need to stop being a conversion religion, and start being a communion reality…. ugh ok rant over…

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God Moves in Mysterious Ways

I know I haven’t posted in a while. I think maybe its been like 1 or 2 posts a month, but hey i have a lot going on. Well just to update you on some of the things that have been going on. I finished with the two biggest youth events of the year and am working on a third. Youth Sunday is coming up. I am really excited about it. When it is over i will have more time to just be and that is a good thing. We just finished with Antigone. The play that i was doing over at Rocky Mountain College. It was a lot of fun though, not one of the greatest shows i have ever been in. I thought the premise was good. If you want to see the pictures from that you can go here. There is also something else that has been one of the most wonderful things. I will talk more on that later. I just love being here in Montana. It feels like home to me. I love my job, I love the people i work with, I love my apartment, I love my life, I love my friends, and I love what i have going on in my life right now. I can’t remember a time in the recent history where i have been this happy. It has been maybe 2 years of heartache and just crap in my life and now… Well needless to say God is moving in my life and it is the most incredible thing. I know that live has its highs and lows. I just really don’t want to come down off this life high that i am on right now. (I am not on drugs!!!!! I am just high on life!) It is really weird how God moves though. There have been a couple of things that God has been showing me love through and well i feel like i have been waiting for it so long. I have been praying that God would some how see me and voice God’s love to me. I feel it. More than I have in a very long time. I guess i have a lot of things to blame for that, but more on that at a later date. I am looking back at my life and i am realizing that things that i thought were bad really aren’t. Yes i did go through a lot. I did come through a lot of crud, but in reality it could have been a lot worse. I feel like when i moved to Montana it was like shedding an old life. Like I molted out of that sad, pessimistic, neurotic, paranoid (ok i still have a bit of that), and self-pitying self that was in control for so long. It is a rather ineffable feeling that I am struggling hard to describe, but words fail me. Suffice to say this at least, I feel like a new man. That’s all…

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