Once a month…

It appears that once a month seems to be my blog producing speed. Oh well I think now that I have a week to breath and not plan (well its all future planning not planning for this week) or run anything. I finally have a chance to update my adoring public on how I am doing. Ha ha ok so maybe my public is not adoring, but at least I see some people read my blog. Which on one hand kinda creeps me out that I don’t know who reads this thing, but on the other hand it makes me happy that some people care about my thoughts on certain topics.

Ok, so a month ago i promised that I would get back to you with what was making me so giddy and happy. Well there are a lot of things, but there was one major event that kinda was like turning on the light switch of life. It was like all of a sudden I was seeing life for what it was and it is beautiful. All the crap that I had previously worried about or cared so much about just seems so minuscule and insignificant. So as promised after I had sorted through stuff and told people that I needed to I can now write about it here. On April 9th I had gone on one of the best first dates in my life. It was wonderful. It was a woman who had been in the play with me so I am quite pleased with the organic “normal” meeting. Side note: Internet dating sucks! :side note over. Anyway this date was just incredible. We met at a coffee shop and just sat there and talked about everything for a couple of hours until I realized it was probably time to say goodnight since it was going to be Good Friday the next day and I was going to have a long day. So i walked her to her car. On the way over there she grabbed my hand and it was just like magic. I have no other words to describe it. I still lack the ideal way to put it into words. So I have to succumb to using cheesy Hollywood cliches to clarify and emphasize my point here. You know how people speak of sparks and how there is just this knowing that you are supposed to be there in that moment? That only begins to tip the iceberg on how I felt. What is even more awesome is she felt the same way. She still does. When we arrived at her vehicle I gave her the first date hug, which led to a kiss I’m not going to lie. It was a great kiss. If there were not fireworks somewhere in the world at that moment there were in my mind. We said goodnight, and I went home. I had a smile plastered on my face that entire night. I had it plastered there the next day too, except the frustrations that came with a busy day of ministry. So we planned to go on a second date. We decided to go out again on Saturday, which only being two days after the first, was a little quick. I didn’t mind the rapidness of this though. We did the classic, dinner and a movie. Wasn’t the best movie ever but it was very nice feeling like a teenager again and wondering, “Are we going to hold hands? Does she like me? I hope we do!” After the second date it was solidified. We decided it was supposed to be and who cares what people think. So we spent pretty much every day together since. Well besides the time spent at work or at school. I have just loved getting to know this woman. She is incredible. She makes everything seem better and brighter. Like I said earlier it is like she turned on the light switch in my heart and I can finally see what it is I was supposed to be seeing all along if that makes any sense. Now this may seem odd since I have been in love before. I have loved my ex’s yes, but this one just seems different you know. I mean it seems, I don’t want to get ahead of myself now but…, meant to be. Like for once the planets aligned. God, finally said yes. I don’t know however you choose to describe it. It’s so completely wonderful that even when i begin to try and describe it words don’t seem to be enough.

It has been over a month. In fact we are very near to two months. I am still as in awe of how awesome this is. I am sure she will be a part of my blogs from now on so for the sake of anonymity let us now call her C. If she gives the ok I will call her by her name later. So C took a job this summer as a part of a theatre company in one of the old mining towns up in the mountains of Montana. She is about 3 and a half hours away. Which isn’t very fun for me, but obviously i have been through long distance relationships before. I guess i can endure once again. I went up to see her this last weekend. I am very glad that I did. Just seeing her again filled my heart with such joy. I really do adore this woman. She makes my life seem so much better! But happiness does not rest solely on her. There are other things in my life which are great, but those are other blog topics. So we took one of those old time photos together while i was there. There isn’t much to do up there. The museums are a little lacking, but we toured around a little and it was fun. She thought that I was a little obsessed with old timey photos. I have put some up on my wall going up my stairwell. I explained to her that since we began visiting my Grandmother in Durango, that those photos have been a big part of my life. They have all been taken at different points in my life. So I needed a new one anyway. So I will submit this photo so that you may see our silliness. I am so glad I found this woman, and that she found me. God is certainly wonderful to us and if that was one of the only reasons I was brought to Montana I feel that it was a good one. Thanks God!

Me and C in Virginia City
Me and C in Virginia City
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