What If?

I know i haven’t posted a new year slideshow, yet. But I will probably get around to it in the next month or so.
So this morning i was feeling rather nostalgic so i was looking around facebook at my High School classmates to see where they are and what they are up to now. I realized that many have become doctors, nurses, musicians, actors, artists, lawyers, architects and the sort. I moved on to my college classmates. Many have gone on to join the ministry, become missionaries, or as above doctors, nurses, etc. Then i began thinking about those who i have kept in touch with. I thought about how most of us share that common bond in Christ, and then i began to wonder. I have no answers, this is just a question posed to the internet and universe. It may not make any sense because I accidentally locked myself outside the church yesterday in 16 degree temperatures and my brain still has yet to thaw completely. But I wondered. I wondered what would this world be like if us Christian people did exactly what Christ told us to do? What would the world look like if we were just like the early church? Where we brought our skills, gifts, talents, lives, money, time, and/or everything to God, or  to the Church. Could we do it? It would mean a lot of sacrifice of ourselves. It seems that in our consumerist mentalities we have become a nation, much more a world of individuals. Could we become a community once more? What if Christians started to show the Kingdom here and now? I realize some of the people who read this may believe in the Rapture, and that is ok. I, personally, don’t but that is a different blog post for a different day. Anyway I fear that the church has been so consumed by this idea of  “We are leaving soon anyway, why should I care?” Maybe that is why we can’t do what I am asking about. But again What if we could do that? What if we could be a community that helped each other out when we needed help? What if we could stop fighting among ourselves? What if we started providing free health care to people? What if we started providing free mechanical services? What if we started providing meals for the hungry? What if we could show the world what Christ said so long ago that “The Kingdom is here!” We, the church, are the kingdom. We are made up of Doctors, lawyers, Nurses, Auto Mechanics, Computer technicians, Heating and Air conditioner Repair Techs, Ministers, Pastors, Counselors, Therapists, Accountants, Inventors, Cooks, Janitorial staff, Customer Service Reps, Sales people, Publicists, Actors, Artists, Musicians, Writers, and so much more. We, all who have been created in God’s image, can do it. I believe that we can change and begin to be what we were created to be. But for now, I guess, I am left to wonder. I am left asking, “What if?”

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