Does God cry?

So this month i have been thinking a lot about the existence of God. I was set into this pattern of thought by the biggest question on our high schooler’s list of topics they wanted to discuss, “Does God Exist?” As i was in thought on this I was reminded of the Great philosophers and one who just happened to think something. I was brought back to My Philosophy 101 class. I am not going to summarize their works, because i don’t believe i can do them justice, just the thoughts that came from their works.

I started with Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave”.  What if our existence is just a glimpse at blurry shapes and shadows on the opposite walls of a cave. If there is so much more outside of us and we have no idea. I truly believe that Jesus was one who ventured “outside” the cave and came to tell of of the truths and beauty of a reality that we cannot at this moment see.

Then I moved on to Aristotle’s “Unmoved mover”.  The truest form of evolution in my own opinion. I do believe that we are all trying to evolve into something greater than ourselves. There had to be something to put us all into movement. Now I can’t believe it was just a big bang and done. That is so impersonal to me. I do believe that God caused the Big bang. Though here is something that will blow your mind later when you are thinking about it, I don’t believe there was a point in eternity when God did it. God does not exist in our concept or perception of time and space, God’s fingerprints are on time, space, and all matter. and we are all evolving to the become closer or at one with the “unmoved mover”.

Then I moved on to Descartes.  Despite the claim that he is the father of modern philosophy, i don’t feel set us on the right track of existential and philosophical thought; but that is just me. Descartes most famous quote “Cogito, ergo sum” that came from his “Discourse on Method” was not the only thing to come from that treatise. His weakest argument was that by all reasoning there exists a God and therefore you can reason, or something to that end. I do believe he was on the right track though. I do believe yes I do exist because i can think, i can reason. There has to be something that created me and my ability to reason.

In the long run i should have started with Descartes and worked my way backwards…  Because here is what i came to as a conclusion as to  what I think for myself. I exist. Something must have created me, because I’m in a constant evolutionary state to become something better. That being must exist outside myself and my own perceptions and therefore must be better than me. So this other existence must be clearer and more beautiful than my limited mind can fathom. How am I to really know what exists out there, but if only someone who has viewed and been a part of the other existence came into my own and explained it to me.

So on Wednesday evening I presented my “evidence” for why i logically believe in God. Which, granted is not a very genius article of evidence, but it is my evidence. We are going to visit this again this Wednesday evening and our “illogical” reasons for why we believe God exists. I use the term loosely, but it seems others do not (which is the reason i write this today, but im getting to that). These reasons are:  “Well the earth is so beautiful, there must be a God.” “There could not be a power as amazingly destructive, creative, and beautiful as Love without a designer who is the embodiment of this power.” Things along those lines. I asked the students to do two things this week to prepare for the discussion. First, I handed out Photo paper and asked them to create. I asked them to put on the paper their own personal evidence for the existence of God. (or a being that is higher than them. Some students are still struggling with doubt.) The second was one i warned them about first. I warned them that if they do this that it could change their lives. It could ruin them forever. It is dangerous. I truly believe it is, because of this idiom, “ignorance is bliss.” I asked them to seriously with a sincere heart to ask God to reveal God’s self to them. I was blown away by their response. They were excited, scared, and curious about this. They asked me to tell the story of how God is revealing God’s self to me. So i did. That right there confirmed why i do what i do.

So anyway today as i was randomly skipping about facebook I came across a fanpage for the “Biblethumper” app for Iphone and Ipod touch. I read some of the stories on the wall and checked out what it was and then i discovered something that disturbed me. Well disturbed probably too strong of a word, but it unsettled me. I know there are a lot of people who find Christians and Christianity to be a joke. Quite honestly, I find popular churchianity (what most people claim is Christianity) to be a joke as well, but that is a different post for a different day. What i found was this. I found a book that was written using the Bible to prove that God hates you if God exists so you should hate God back. My heart sank. I wonder if God was crying as this person wrote that. I read a chapter and I felt like someone could not have missed the subtle love, beauty, and brilliance of Scriptures any more than this. Granted, it is written as a farce and comedy, but too many people have come to view the Bible this way. The Bible has become irrelevant and weaponized to dupe the mass public into believing what manipulative people want them to believe. If you want a good picture of this check out “The Book of Eli”. It was an incredible movie, but i believe the premise to be true that “Holy” books are used as a weapon… Anyway, I don’t believe that the Bible is a weapon. I believe it does hold amazing and beautiful truth about who and what God is. I just feel that we have forgotten how to read it. I do believe it is used to hurt and justify all sots of atrocities claimed to be done in God’s name. In fact, Hitler used scriptures to justify the holocaust. The southern churches used scriptures to justify slavery. The western church still uses the scriptures to discriminate against homosexuals (again another post for another day). So my question is this. Does God cry? Does God cry when God’s creations refuse to believe God exists? Does God cry when we separate ourselves from God? Does God cry when we use God’s own words and creation to hurt each other? I know it would hurt me…

UPDATE: I thought about this and i feel like I may come across as thinking that we may need more apologetics in the church. I don’t believe God needs proof. I think God can defend himself. I think that the proof is all around us, we just need to open our eyes to it. I’m just wondering if God is hurt when we refuse to see that evidence that God loves us dearly. Not evidence of creation,  or anything else of the sort; just that God loves us and has not given up on us.

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