Injustice, Greed, and Corruption

As I sit here to write this post, I have this incredible urge to do something. This week a rather uninformed public media figure decided to make a really stupid statement about social justice and the Church. This statement equated the idea of social justice with the common western media stereotype of evil. This person decided to go further and state that if you heard that phrase in your church or on it’s website you should run and leave that church.  This obviously got quite a backlash from Christians. So I just brushed this off as well people say all kinds of crazy things on television. As this week continued i started getting more and more messages and people talking about injustice, greed, and corruption. I usually start to pay attention when i hear things more than twice.

I started to look around a bit after a good discussion in sunday school the other week. We were going over the passage Micah 6:8 “He has told you, O mortal, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?” (NRSV) We had a few scenarios that i asked our class to discuss and comment on. As we were discussing one of the adults stated. Well the problem with these is that our economy and the systems that we have set in place are corrupt. We can’t work within them to help these people.

That statement stuck with me. It was the first of many statements that have me thinking about what it truly means to be a world changer. I recently watched a couple of documentaries, I just like them I guess. One was a television series by Morgan Spurlock, who did “Supersize Me”. Anyway he put people with different opinions into situations where they would have contact with them continuously for 30 days. Some are interesting, and some just made me angry.  Then I watched a film by a famous documentarian who I will not name here since I know many think that he is completely wrong about everything, though I think he does make some very valid points. After watching these i was sickened. I saw that people are greedy, corrupt, and in-just. I saw that people wanted to get theirs and didn’t care about anyone else. “As long as I am happy, I don’t care about you.” Seems to be the mantra of our species.

Our systems and are corrupt. What is worse is that we allow them to be corrupt. We have become the mindless, brainwashed masses that allow these things to continue. As I have stated before we are zombies. I don’t want to be a zombie anymore. I have had it! Though i don’t know what to do about it. I have never asked my (well to be honest probably only 2) readers to comment on my blog before, but I need some help. I will put what I need help with at the bottom of the post.

So to name a few of these systems i am going to list some of the injustice, greed, and corruption i noticed:

Fred Phelps: I don’t think i need to say anymore. I was researching different ends of the spectrum of how Christians view homosexuality, and as i read his statements i started yelling at my computer (seriously, ask the pastor she heard me). If you need to know more look him up, though i don’t recommend it.

Crapitolism, oh sorry spelling mistake Capitolism: Our economic system was not set forth by our founding fathers. It is not God’s will. It does no longer provide for the open door to opportunity. The rich get richer and will step on, over, through, or past anyone to get more. Our system is a new form of slavery. No we don’t have Masters, but we do have owners. These owners are creditors and they will stop at nothing to get their money from you. We have been branded by our slavery numbers, credit scores, and placed in this system designed to keep you in debt and keep you paying out to people… Not to mention that our government  handed over 700 billion of our dollars to these people because they screwed up. What did they use it for? To line their own pockets…

Politics: This has a little to do with the last one. People who make us promises and never follow through with them. People who are engaged in this system to continue to tell us that it is ok. It is all God’s will. We aren’t doing anything wrong. It’s the other guys in the other political party. I am not calling out either side. I am saying all politicians do it! They may say they are trying to change it, but there are so many that are ok and happy with it the way it is (mainly because they get richer). I voted for our president because i wanted change, and so far it seems he can’t deliver.  I pray it changes.

The Church: Yes the Church (big “c”). In stead of money that drives the greed and corruption in the church it is something else. That thing is power. They want people to think the way that they do. They want to control, manipulate, and bend people to their will. I am not saying i am completely innocent of this. At times i am tempted to play this game too. That is what makes me sick sometimes too. It seems the lords prayer has become this. “Oh me, holy is my name. my kingdom come, my will be done, everywhere i go. I am going to get my bread and all the bread i can, so screw you. I’m not going to forgive you unless you have something i want, but you should forgive me over and over again. I’m going to go where i please even if there is temptation. For mine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory.”

And the list goes on and on…

I have been doing a Bible study with my youth on the book of Romans, granted none of them have showed the last 3 weeks but it is forcing me to study the book of romans regardless.  I have been amazed at this read through because there have been things that i never noticed before in there. I studied a little bit about Paul and his world view on things and it really began to bring to light some new things. Paul talks a lot in the first part of Romans about there being two ways to live. Paul says there there is a way to be human, and another way. We all chose the other way. He says that there is good news though. He talks about God coming into the world and showing us that there is a right way to be human. It is acting justly toward your fellow human beings, loving mercy, and walking humbly with God. I guess he read Micah. Anyway, Paul talks about God keeping God’s promise to begin setting everything right, so we should walk in that. In 2000 years since I don’t think we got it. I don’t think we realize that that big event  where God reaches into human history and changes something has already happened. We are still waiting for something bigger, but I don’t think it’s coming anytime soon.

So the reason i asked you readers to comment is this. How do we work against injustice, greed, and corruption? What do I do as an individual to change this? I don’t want to live like this any longer. I am not going to move… so please give me your advice.

Update: Corruption continues it seems check this out…

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