My Confession

I recently gave my girlfriend my copy of “Blue like Jazz” by Donald Miller. She recently read the chapter on confession and it inspired her to apologize to a friend of hers that was horrible to her. She apologized to her for being angry at her for being angry and harboring hatred toward her because of the things she did and said to her. This convicted me.

I recently watched a couple of documentaries on several different topics. I watched and saw how people treated each other. I was blown away by the hate and malice people held in their hearts toward each other. I saw people learn more about other people and have some of those walls torn down. This convicted me.

I also watched a academy award nominated movie for best picture, “The Blind Side”. If you haven’t seen it, it is quite inspiring. Love compassion and kindness changed a life. This convicted me

This is my confession: I wanted to take the time to¬†apologize for some things. Because this isn’t easy I am going to start with larger things and move toward myself. I am sorry for the way the Church has treated people. I am sorry that we “the church” have helped to breed the hate and malice that people harbor. I am sorry that I am part of the problem sometimes. I am sorry that I do sit around and think of ways to get “more people to come to church”. I am sorry that I turned so many people off to the wonderful news that God has not given up on us when i was younger. I am sorry that i still sometimes do it. I am sorry that I am prideful and selfish. I don’t want to reach out sometimes. I don’t want to get my hands dirty doing the work sometimes. I am much more comfortable at home in front of the tv, I’m sorry about that. I am sorry that I want so much to be Christ’s love in the word, but so often fail at even figuring out how to do it. I am sorry that my pride gets in the way of doing the work sometimes.

My prayer: God, you are so amazing. I cannot believe you love me the way you do. God, forgive me a sinner. God, Please help me. Help me to truly be your follower. Help me to love, and be love in the world. God, help me not to be so prideful. Please help me to make a difference in this world. God be with my family and friends. Please let them have peace and comfort in this crazy world. I pray that we all will feel safe if just for a moment. Amen

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