Month: December 2010

Finding "Faith" outside the walls of a church

Top 10 of 2010

My top movies for the year of 2010. I am trying this out because I had a lot to say about these movies, and I figure no one really reads my blog anyway so I might as well spout off on my favorites of this year. Honorable Mentions The Book of Eli- This was by…
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December 31, 2010 0

The Ghost of Christmas Present

I went back today to re-read my second post on this blog. I was once told it was very depressing. I read it and realized that the things I was hoping for in that new year did come true. It was a nice thing to go back and read. It was depressing, because i was…
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December 24, 2010 1

The Freedom Song

I want nothing more than at this very moment to wax poetic and philosophical, after all it is the time for it. I just wanted to spend some time reflecting on Christmas. As I sat in our lessons and┬ácarols┬áservice this morning I was struck with a thought. I thought about Christmas, novel concept I know.…
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December 19, 2010 0