Worth Fighting For

Confucius once said “All good things are difficult to achieve; and bad things are easy to get.” I did always like the cliche that says: nothing good in life comes easy. I have heard it many different ways as well. Including one of my favorites from one of my favorite authors Donald Miller: (this one is paraphrased) A good story is never born without conflict. There has never been a point in my life where I think I have faced so much conflict piling on top of each other in such quick succession. I have to admit that there have been points in the last few weeks when I have been ready just to throw in the towel and say I don’t care anymore. I would have found some hole to hide away in. But as Donald Miller also wrote: “And once you live a good story, you get a taste for a kind of meaning in life, and you can’t go back to being normal; you can’t go back to meaningless scenes stitched together by the forgettable thread of wasted time.” I am writing such a wonderful story now with my wife. I can’t go back to being “Normal”. As she reminded me when we were in the midst of one of the bigger conflicts, that we are still trying to deal with, “Just keep driving , until you can’t anymore.” My prayer is that this is going to be one hell of a story.
It all began a few months ago. I had mentioned before that we were having to move on in my last blog post. We did eventually find a place where we wanted to be, and wanted us to be there as well. So we began to make arrangements to move back out to Colorado. We were very excited and went about packing all of our belongings and trying to figure out the endless question of, “Do we really need this?” We put her car up for sale as well as a few other items we thought would sell quickly and for a relatively decent amount to add to our moving/savings fund. Little did we know we were opening the doors to a storm that awaited just around the corner.
A few weeks ago we began to get worried as most of our items haven’t sold yet. Including the big item which we thought would go immediately, the car. Everyone who came to look at the car seemed to find something new that made them think twice about wanting to go through with the purchase. We disclosed all we could about the car, and knew it did have a few issues, but that it was a relatively good reliable car. The anxiety started to build until our last week before the move. It was the day before the movers were scheduled to pick up our stuff, and the car still had not sold. We set this as a deadline to figure out something about the car. We had luckily contacted a local dealership who was very gracious and offered us a fair amount for the car. Just as the car sold it seems I receive a phone call…
This phone call was the movers. They were calling to tell me that they were not able to come pick up the stuff we were moving till the Friday or Saturday after they were expected. Which, granted, was only a day or two after the original schedule, but we could still make up that time somewhere. So we proceeded to pack, clean, organize, and donate. Wednesday rolls by and we have a lovely goodbye party with the youth at St. Luke’s. I’m understandably emotional and decide that I still need to continue packing, cleaning, organizing, and donating. The next morning we head out to run a few last minute errands, and we get another phone call. This phone call is letting us know that the movers would be delayed another 1 to 2 days. This is the point where i begin to lose it a bit. Cathy had arranged a dinner with family on Sunday since we should be in Montana by that time. I had arranged for us to stay a couple of places along the way. We knew that with the new delay that we couldn’t make up the time, we just needed to reschedule. Though that may seem like such a simple little thing to do and it shouldn’t cause much stress, I might need to have you re-read the previous paragraphs. We began this at a high anxiety level and the small things just started seeming like insurmountable obstacles.
I made a few phone calls that afternoon and had things rescheduled, and received help from friends and family. I have to make a side note here. I am so thankful for all those who have stepped in to help us along the way. I can’t even begin to express how thankful I am for even the small things. We have been overwhelmed not just by the generosity of our friends and family, but also of those who just met us. Anyway, back to the story. So we decided alright we finish cleaning and packing and we take a few days out of town. It was nice. We had a few nice dinners and a lovely lunch with a friend we would not have been able to see had it not been for the delay. It was a nice little respite that may not have subsided the anxiety, but at least kept it at bay for a little while. We finally got the call on Saturday, the movers were coming on Sunday.
We packed up the car, though i think the appropriate word would be stuffed. We made sure that all of our stuff got onto the truck and we waved goodbye to Jamestown. A little frustrated, anxious, and flustered we hit the road a bit later than expected, but still within a decent time frame. If you know me, you know that I like to be on time, and that I pride myself on being someone who shows up when he says he will. Little did I know… The first day was seemingly uneventful. We encountered some snow. We also got lost in Detroit, which was exciting; I guess. We made it a bit behind schedule, but still made it to our first stop. It was a lovely visit with friends, and we wish we had more time to spend with them. Ha, now that I write that I think that is the story of our entire journey, “I wish we had more time to spend.” And then we end up getting it in the ways we certainly don’t expect, nor desire.
The second day saw little trouble. It was just cold and slightly icy. We were again behind schedule… but I’m the only one it seemed to bother. We woke the third day on the road to frigid temperatures, but excited to be getting back to Montana that day. Enter the Covarrubias car hating vortex that is the state of Wyoming. Late in the morning we stopped in Rapid City, South Dakota. We heard a squealing in the brakes which concerned us, but family seemed to be assured we could wait to have it checked when we arrived in Montana. So I get back on the interstate and head over the border into Wyoming. Once we cross the border I notice the temp. gauge in the car begin to rise. I begin to get concerned. I feel well the car is weighed down, and we are heading up over high altitudes so it may just be a small leak in coolant or something. So the next stop I check the coolant and see it’s close to empty. I by a bottle and refill it and continue on our way. On the other side of Sheridan we hit a whiteout snowstorm. We were already a bit behind due to the overheating car, but now this was going to put us way behind. This is when the schedule started to disturb Cathy. When you love someone you want to do everything to can to make sure they can have all that they want or need. This is one of those times that I was battling as hard as I could just to giver her that time with her family. It was rough though. We ended up making it through in decent time, but we had to cancel the planned dinner. It ended up happening short a few people, but it still went through. We had a nice time with the grandparents who also helped us in a very big way, which I don’t even know how to begin to repay.
The Fourth day began slowly with taking the car in to be checked. We had brunch with family and returned to a phone call about the car. It was much worse than we had anticipated… We had to replace the entire brake system. So we had them do it and borrowed the grandparents car and headed further into Montana to see more family. The next morning we returned the car and jumped back into our storage space on wheels and headed south back into the Vortex. Then it began. Just past the state sign the temp. gauge started to rise again. I thought oh ok there may just be a leak in the system. Ok well I will just refill the coolant. We stop refill and head back on the way. A few hours pass by no problem. We hit casper and we notice even though we just refilled the coolant the temp was beginning to rise again. Uh oh. We slow down and turn the heat on full blast and pray that we make it to Cheyenne. We did eventually make it there and had a mechanic look at it. He gave us bad news and said yeah, you can probably limp it down to where you are going and get it fixed there. So we get back on the interstate and head south… We arrive, definitely behind schedule and now very worried about the car. We get the chance to move into our house, well at least what was packed into our poor subaru. We waited for the Mover to call.
1 day passes. Nothing. We call the company, they said they should call this weekend if not it will be on Monday… 2 more days pass. Nothing. Monday rolls by. Nothing. Tuesday rolls by. I call the moving company they say, “oh you haven’t heard from the driver? Oh well then he is still on the road, we will call you tomorrow with more details.” The next morning rolls by finally we get a call. They wont be here till the 24 or 26th. Ugh. So with that news we set out to just have a nice afternoon. For the most part it was alright, but late in the day we ran into more complications. I wont go into details here on those as they aren’t really mine to share. But needless to say it was scary.
So now that I have all of our conflict now written down, I feel that isn’t as much as has been weighing on me. I am praying that this is leading to an incredible story which has yet to unfold itself. If you read it all thus far, I ask that you pray for us. Thank you for doing so as well. Pray that we may finally realize the story that is unfolding before us.

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