To Err With Love

Today is a very bittersweet day. I am very happy that SCOTUS decided finally not to deny the right to marry. But I am still reeling from the horrible act committed in South Carolina last week. I have been thinking about how to write this blog post for a few days now. I knew I wanted to say something, and I have really been trying to calm myself down before I offended anyone. I came up with a good idea yesterday, and today just solidified it. There has been a trending hashtag with the SCOTUS decision that I think sums up what I want to write about today #lovewins and it certainly does.

One of the things that made me the most angry last week was Fox News attempting to co-opt the Charleston shooting by saying that Dylan Roof was targeting Christians. One of the big pieces of their narrative for years has been that christians (notice I did use a small c there) are being persecuted in this country. It still boils my blood to even write that. Christians are not being persecuted in this country. I’m sorry but to even say so makes you more wrong than you could possibly know. It makes me horribly angry because the main message of Christ has been one to reach out to the minorities and to free captives. They want to scare religious people into thinking that christians are the persecuted minority. Instead, in this country, “christians” are the persecuting majority. “christians” are the ones who are saying that earthquakes, hurricanes, droughts, and other natural disasters are god’s way of saying that god is upset with us. I’m sorry, but since when?

This week I have been teaching the stories at VBS. Yesterday’s story was Peter’s story of letting Jesus down by denying Him three times. It was written rather poorly, but I think the main point is what inspired me to write today. The main point is that “God has the power to forgive”. I thought about that quite a bit. It does take energy to forgive, not just each other, but also ourselves. I have written about this before. I was thinking about this because from the way that I read Scriptures now, I see that God never ceases to act redemptive. God is always forgiving. God is always looking at God’s creation with love and care.

I had a conversation a week ago in my Interfaith Pub Theology group about God. This conversation was one that stuck in my brain for a bit. We were talking about the differences of the God of the Old Testament, and the God of the New Testament. The person who brought it up was struggling with the fact that the God of the Old testament seemed to be “violent and vindictive”. We talked both about the evolution of human thought, and the evolution of the people of Israel as a whole. When we were talking about Jesus and the God that Jesus talked about we decided that this God was a very appealing God because it was a God of love. A God who forgave and loved God’s creation.

As I was thinking about all of this, I realized something. I realized that I want to err on the side of Love. I think many times we as Christians have too much obsession with being moral. This causes us to want to fight for things we believe are morally “right” without fully understanding how it would effect others. I think that we forget that our job is not to make sure that others are moral. Our job is to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God. To me that means we have to fight for justice for all human beings. Then, and only then, should we worry one iota about morality. That’s what I want for myself. I don’t care about that stuff. I want it to be said of me, even if i am wrong, that I loved people. I want it said of me that I fought for justice and equality of all of creation. To me love is love. To me #lovewins. I think that is what Christians should strive to do. They should strive to err with love.

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