The Story of Esperanza Reyes: Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Esperanza called the group of twelve together. She taught them to cure addiction and free minds from the hells we put them through. She sent them out to teach about the Divine and the Divine’s love and to heal. She said to them, “Don’t take anything with you. Where ever you go be there. Be present where you are and with whom you are. When people refuse you and your lessons, don’t look back. It is their own problem. Wipe the dust from your feet as you go, for you did what you could.” The twelve went out and taught in different places about the Divine’s love, and healed people. They freed minds and cured addiction.

Now the governor of Texas heard of what was being done. This was following the imprisonment and execution of Juan the preacher. There were stories that these acts were done by Juan’s ghost back from the dead. Some had said it was Yeshua Ben-Yosef back to redirect us. The governor said, “Juan I had put to death; but who is this about whom I hear?” and he sought to see her.

When the twelve returned, they told Esperanza what they had done. She retreated with them to a city nearby. When the people heard where they were they followed. When she saw the crowd she welcomed them. She began teaching of the Divine’s love. She cured those who needed healing, just sat and talked with those who needed an ear, and taught some more. It got to be rather late in the evening and the twelve came to converse with her. “Send the crowd home, it’s getting late and they have to be hungry, we can’t have them all sleeping in this field.” She turned to them and said, “Don’t send them away hungry, let’s give them something to eat.” They replied, “We don’t have enough money at the moment to feed this crowd. There has to be more than 10,000 men, women, and children here. The most food we’ve seen is that family over there with three loaves of bread and two cans of tuna fish.” She said to them, “Have them sit down in groups of around 50 each.” The twelve did so. Esperanza asked the family for the food. She held it up and blessed it and began making tuna fish sandwiches. She started handing them to the twelve to distribute, as she did more and more people started pulling food from bags and distributing it to their groups and the groups around them. The crowd had enough food to go around and then some. They took up all the leftovers and had twelve buckets full after everyone ate their fill.

A short time later, Esperanza was off meditating on her own when the twelve met up with her. “What do people say about me?” she asked as they arrived. They answered, “Some are saying you are a student of Juan your cousin, some are calling you the second coming of Yeshua Ben-Yosef.” She looked at them, “What about you all, what do you say about me?” Peter looked at her sternly in the face, “You are the chosen one, the Messiah. The Daughter of the Divine.” She looked down weightily and told them not to tell anyone. She said, “The Messiah was meant to suffer many things. The Messiah is to be rejected by leaders, priests, and rabbis. The Messiah is meant to be killed…” She trailed off. Peter spoke up immediately, “No, that’s not true. That can’t be.” She looked up with tears in her eyes, “Stop, it is. People will not understand unless it happens this way. If anyone will follow me, they need to be willing to suffer and die every day for these truths. If you are only out to save your own life, what good does that do? If you are willing to suffer and die for the Divine love of all you surely find life. There will be those who will be ashamed of this message of radical love. I am ashamed of them. You will see the kingdom of the Divine, it will happen in your lifetime if you make it.”

Eight days after this conversation Esperanza went up on the hill she had been retreating to in the beginning. She took Peter, John, and Iago with her to the mountain to meditate. As they were meditating Esperanza began to transform. Her body seemed to glow and it was if she was radiating a dazzling bright light. This light encompassed them all and suddenly there was with them two others. There were two middle eastern men with her. One was older and held a staff the other was younger and looked like the paintings of Yeshua. They spoke with Esperanza and talked of suffering and death that was to come. Peter spoke up, “Rabbi, It’s amazing that they are here. We can build three temples here, one for you, one for Moses, and one for Yeshua.” Peter was afraid and felt like he needed to do something here on this holy spot. Suddenly the wind picked up and they all could hear a voice on the wind saying, “This is my Daughter, my chosen one; listen to her!” As soon as the wind started it stopped. As soon as the wind stopped and they found Esperanza alone. They did not tell anyone of this encounter until after the story had ended.

The next day, the group came down from the hill. A large crowd was gathered in the parking lot of the campground. A woman from the crowd cried out, “RABBI! I beg you to come to my son. He is my only child and he has been gripped with addiction. I’m afraid for his life, it’s gotten so bad I can’t wake him anymore. I begged your friends to help but they could not cure him.” Esperanza wearily looked at the mother, “I’m sorry they couldn’t do it. Bring him here.” The mother went over to her car where her son was laying in the back seat. A few people helped him out of the vehicle where he was babbling and over to her. Esperanza asked the mother, “How long has he been like this?” She responded, “He started taking prescription painkillers after a sports injury. It has gotten worse over the past year. He’s almost died a few times now. Please help him. I can’t lose him.” Esperanza said to her, “All things are possible, just not everything is probable. Do you believe I can do this?” The mother turned to her. “I think so, I’ve tried everything. Help me believe.” Esperanza hugged the young man and immediately his body regained strength. His babbling stopped and he began to weep silently. She gave him over to his mother and turned to leave. Peter, Iago, and John looked at her dumbfounded. She said to them, “Don’t forget, I’m meant to suffer and die.” They stood in shock and did not understand what she meant. They were afraid to ask her about this.

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