The Story of Esperanza Reyes: Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Esperanza was again teaching a large crowd. One of the many who were gathered asked her to settle a dispute. He asked, “Miss if you would, my brother will not share the inheritance with me.” Esperanza laughed a bit at this, “Who made me judge or divider of wealth? Listen, don’t measure your life with golden rulers. You cannot truly live if you measure your life with wealth or stuff.” She then saw that there was some misunderstanding at this so she told them a story. “Imagine a wealthy wall street banker. This man is single and has no immediate family. He buys all the most wonderful things that money can buy. He has a nice penthouse apartment overlooking the city. He has all that he could possibly want, but he still felt uneasy because he was alone. One night he has a heart attack. As the pain subsides and he contemplates his own mortality he realizes how fruitless his life must be. He has stored up so much wealth, but who would gain from it all when he passes? Shouldn’t he have used that wealth to help others?”

She continued teaching, “So again, why worry so much about those things? Does worry put food on your plate, or clothes on your back? I know there is so much anxiety that is built up for you by our society; to have more, or be more. I know, believe me. But think about the wild animals. Do they worry about planting or where they are going to find food? No, they go looking for it and most find what they need. How much more do you think the Divine cares for you. Not that it will magically appear, but if you go looking for it. If you work for it, you will find it. So may wealth and riches not add to your worry. There are other things to worry about. Worry instead if your neighbor has enough to eat. Worry instead that your friends have the clothes they need. Instead, seek the Kingdom of the Divine. By worrying about those things you seek that kingdom. The Divine will be present with those who use what they have to provide for those in need. Instead of storing up wealth, store up experiences, love, friendship, and charity. Keep doing these things we have talked about. If you give and give and give of yourself until you can give no more, you will be ready for when you are in need. Those you have given to would happily give back to you in kind. Always be ready to help those in need, as you have been given much, much is needed from you. It is like a store owner who leaves his employees in charge while he is on vacation. The store owner did not tell the employees when the vacation would end. Would the employees just slack off and leave the store unlocked after hours? Do you think the store owner would be happy? What if they did what was expected of them and more? What if they gave the extra to those in need? Would the store owner return happily? Of course! For with great power comes great responsibility. If you have been given much, much will be expected of you. So do it. Give what you have. This message is dangerous because it flies in the face of those of power. I have not come to comfort the power structures. I’ve come to light the fire of rebellion. I’ve come to tear down the walls.”

She said this with unease as she could tell that those in power knew this. She was dangerous to their power and they would do what they needed to stop her. She saw the signs of this as more and more came to her lessons. They often would stand in the back or on the outskirts of the crowd with scowls. Not once would they participate or listen. She knew this message was one that would catch fire. She spoke anyway.

She continued, “You know what is right. You know how to treat your fellow man. Why do you pretend not to know? I’m telling you the time is coming that you will have to answer for how you treated one another. You have heard about how the Governor has imprisoned and even deported those who have protested? Some are being executed for crimes they did not commit. Do you think these people are worse than those who say nothing? I tell you unless you stand up and treat each other with love you will suffer the same fate. What about those who were working on “The Wall” between the USA and Mexico who died when it fell on them? Do you think they were worse people than anybody else? No, they weren’t. All people are worthy of love. It’s like an orange tree planted in a yard. If the person who planted the orange tree sees that it does not produce oranges wouldn’t he cut it down and dig it out? Unless you love your fellow man, regardless, you are like the orange tree. Unless you give of yourself without agenda, you are like so many unfruitful trees.”

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